Samantha Mason Wilder

Wilder Wedding

Wilder Wedding

Design Management, Creative Direction, Branding, Illustration, Visual Design, Print

On the 30th September 2016 a Miss Samantha Mason and Mr Simon Wilder embarked on an adventure. They invited their nearest and dearest to bear witness and celebrate a union in the heart of the English countryside at Loseley Park.

This was a union of skills, talent and team work. Myself being Bride, client and designer developed, designed and project managed an event of huge proportions. My husband the groom brought his development and woodworking skills to bring digital products to life and hand crafted elements to dress the venue.


Branding and Identity

There is always a danger that if a theme is to be chosen for a wedding it can visually take centre stage over the actual wedding itself. Managing a project with such strong visual themes as can be found in the world of Tolkien was a challenge unto itself as it needed to accent and not over power. Starting with an investigation of themes, colours and typography a mini-identity kit was created to aid the development of wedding branded elements and act as a constant reference piece.


Illustrations were created during the course of the entire project, so it was an unknown as to how many would be required from the onset. In the end, 13 bespoke watercolours in monochrome were created with 'good' places accented in green and 'evil' places accented in red. Illustrations were done on top of a pencil sketch and used for both digital and print collateral.


Creative Workshop

With so many parts required to dress the event, creative workshops were an ongoing theme for Sunday afternoons. Key pieces included: Fimo cake toppers, the Prancing Pony tavern sign, wood burned signage and typography for slate table signs.


The responsive website brought all elements of the wedding brand together and was the main source of information for all guests. The form was created with a bespoke password validation for each attendee, with a CMS collecting their personal information and food preferences.


Save the Date



Thank You Cards


The Main Event

A key accent running through all printed collateral was the addition of a wax seal with the wedding identity imprinted on it which was used on the envelopes for the save the date, the band to secure the invitation pack and the cover of the order of service. In addition to printed products the wax seal was used for gift tagging, the ring box for the best man and most importantly chocolate seals for the cupcakes. Below are examples of how the brand and seal were used throughout the day.

Photo Album

Every wedding requires an album so I handled the complete layout and print management to keep the day and brand consistent as an experience.


Design Learnings

Product management principles and tools aided project management of the wedding and helped design delivery. Digital tasks were recorded and tracked on Trello with support documents and signed off assets linked to Google Drive. The experience of being both client and supplier to deliver a fully branded event had invaluable influence on developing communication, design and management skills which I bring into my professional career.

Client: Mr & Mrs Wilder      Role: Design Management, Creative Direction, Branding, Illustration, Visual Design, Print    Team: Simon Wilder (groom & developer),  Samantha Wilder (bride & designer) and the wonderful team at Loseley Park who made the day unforgettable